MOVI-C® / MOVISUITE® engineering software

Is there one software suite for all aspects of machine and system automation? One software suite that can be used for planning, startup, operation and diagnostics while saving time and cutting costs for the user? Yes! MOVISUITE® from SEW EURODRIVE.

Allow us to introduce: The multi-talented MOVISUITE®

One software suite for everything that also saves time and cuts costs?

Sound a bit too ambitious? But that is precisely what we demand when we develop solutions to meet your automation requirements. Particularly when these solutions are supposed to make your work easier and be future proof, i.e. suitable for your planning and orders over the long term. Regardless of whether you are a mechanical or systems engineer tasked with the project planning, or the end customer who is operating the machine or system.

That's why we took the time during the development phase to survey engineering software users. Their answers, along with the latest scientific discoveries in the field of human-centered design, went into the development of MOVISUITE®. The result: Usability is at the heart of our engineering software.

Everything is designed so that the user can complete tasks quickly, conveniently and, most importantly, effectively. Regardless of whether you are using single-axis or multi-axis applications, whether you are automating a machine module or the entire system. For simple and complex automation tasks alike, the MOVISUITE® and its user interface are easy to understand and intuitive and self-explanatory to use.

All components from the MOVI-C® modular automation system can be completely configured, started up and monitored with MOVISUITE®. This conserves time and money – not to mention your patience. MOVISUITE® also turns heads with the modern look and feel of its graphical user interface.

Its optimized usability means even beginners can use the software capably. True tech heads can also draw on our expert knowledge. With MOVISUITE®, everything is focused on the user.

MOVI-C® = Total automation from a single source

  • Provided by an automation specialist
  • From planning, to startup and operation, to diagnostics and service
  • From software and controllers to inverters and drive technology

Your benefits

  • Save time and cut costs

    because our one-of-a-kind usability helps you save time as a matter of course.
  • One software suite for everything

    It can be used for all aspects of planning, startup, operation and diagnostics.


MOVISUITE® standard

  • Complete engineering of all components of the MOVI-C® modular automation system
  • Rapid engineering thanks to unique usability and optimized workflows
  • Convenient operation with a modern look and feel and sophisticated GUI technology
  • Simple access thanks to harmonized engineering interfaces
  • Start up and set the parameters of the MOVIDRIVE® application inverter modular and system
  • Optimized workflows for professional and occasional users
  • Modern interaction design to get users oriented quickly and easily
  • Intuitive inverter functions like manual mode and starting up the drive train
  • Configure the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER and create IEC programming
  • Set the parameters of the MOVIKIT® modules and perform diagnostics
  • Data management
  • Project management
  • Network scan and display of devices
  • Scope function
  • Electronic catalog for SEW EURODRIVE products
  • Comprehensive, context-sensitive help

Human-centered design

Human-centered design is concerned with how to design modern software that is user oriented and human centered. The requirements for designing such software are even defined and described in a standard, DIN ISO 9410-210. But what exactly is this standard with its cryptic string of numbers? Simple: It defines how to achieve high user friendliness in software and interfaces.

All steps in the development process are focused on the human who will later work with the product. That is why our developer teams, which are often interdisciplinary in character, have to first put themselves in the users' shoes and ask: Who are the typical users? What do they want to achieve with this product? And how can they reach this achievement in the most convenient and pleasant way possible?

The first prototypes are then developed and rigorously tested by potential users. This lets us quickly identify and implement any necessary optimizations. Our goal is always to bring maximum user friendliness and usability into perfect harmony.


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MOVI-C® live
More informations:
gingerbread packaging machine

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More informations:

Automated packaging with MOVI-C®

Typical application multipack assembling machine and top loader

The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.
MOVI-C®: A comprehensive modular automation system

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The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.

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Lebkuchenproduktion mit dem modularem Automatisierungsbaukasten MOVI-C®
Lebkuchenproduktion mit MOVI-C®

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Lebkuchenproduktion mit dem modularem Automatisierungsbaukasten MOVI-C®

MOVI-C® moves

Gingerbread production in full swing with MOVI-C®

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