MOVI-C® drive technology for automation

What does drive technology contribute to automation solutions? A crucial aspect, in fact: diversity! Because diversity in drive technology gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to meet your automation requirements and implement lean structures and simple processes.

MOVI-C® moves any application

The diversity in our modular system of drive technology is intentional, even necessary, and it will only continue to grow. This diversity gives you millions of possible combinations to use with your application. Regardless of your application, SEW-EURODRIVE always has the perfect drive solution to meet your specific requirements:

  • Standard and servo drives are available in different sizes and with different power ratings, torques, designs and surface properties
  • They can be combined with asynchronous or synchronous AC motors
  • Linear motors, electric cylinders, brakes, built-in encoders and diagnostic units round out the diverse product range
  • All globally applicable approvals are covered
  • And of course every drive is compatible with the new MOVI-C® modular automation system

MOVI-C® provides you with everything you need to design your machines and systems with freedom and flexibility, regardless of your industry.

NEW mechanical feature in our portfolio

NEW mechanical feature in our portfolio available in 2018: single-cable technology with digital encoders for synchronous and asynchronous motors.

Only one hybrid cable is needed for the data connection between the application inverter and the motor. And the new MOVILINK DDI® digital data interface transfers the performance, brake and diagnostic data to the motor:

  • NEW: Single-cable technology for synchronous and asynchronous motors:
  • Standardized hybrid cable with uniform plug connector
  • Data line connected to the application inverter with standard coaxial connector
  • NEW: MOVILINK® DDI digital data interface for transferring
  • Electronic nameplate information
  • Brake and diagnostic data (e.g. temperature sensor data)
  • Encoder data, safe and non-safe


  • A standardized hybrid cable for power supply and data transfer
  • Particularly robust and high-performance design with coaxial data cable, supports particularly space-saving installations
  • Also suitable for very long cable lengths up to 200 m
  • Fully integrated digital motor encoders in various designs

At SEW-EURODRIVE, everything fits together!

MOVI-C® = Total automation from a single source

  • Provided by an automation specialist
  • From planning, to startup and operation, to diagnostics and service
  • From software and controllers to inverters and drive technology

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MOVI-C® modular automation system

MOVI-C®: The Future of automation

Four modules – one solution: from a single source

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gingerbread packaging machine

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More informations:

Automated packaging with MOVI-C®

Typical application multipack assembling machine and top loader

The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.
MOVI-C®: A comprehensive modular automation system

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The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.

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Lebkuchenproduktion mit dem modularem Automatisierungsbaukasten MOVI-C®
Lebkuchenproduktion mit MOVI-C®

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Lebkuchenproduktion mit dem modularem Automatisierungsbaukasten MOVI-C®

MOVI-C® moves

Gingerbread production in full swing with MOVI-C®

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