MOVI-C® CONTROLLER in the control cabinet

Do you associate control technology with complex processes and extensive work required during startup and production operations? It doesn't have to be. There's an easier way. Parameterize instead of programming – motion control and open-loop control functions that are tailored to your requirements.

Control technology made by SEW EURODRIVE: MOVI-C® CONTROLLER

Whether they are used for motion control or as an automation controller, MOVI-C® CONTROLLER units use classic fieldbus–slave interfaces for the PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IPTM or Modbus TCP fieldbus systems to connect to the higher-level controller of a machine cell or system. They handle the communication with the higher-level devices, for instance a MOVIDRIVE® application inverter, and ensure a synchronous connection between these devices and the motion/application.

A MOVI-C® CONTROLLER unit's performance class is determined by the number of inverters and the number of synchronous axes and auxiliary axes that must be configured for the motion. You can select from four performance classes for 32/32, 16/16, 8/8 or 2/6 axes. All classes have a compact design so that they can be installed in even small control cabinets.

But the greatest potential for reducing complexity comes from the software of the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER: parameterization instead of programming. For you as user, this means more freedom in parameterization and less programming work. This is accomplished by the MOVIRUN® software platform, which together with the MOVIKIT® modular software system and its standardized modules eliminates complexity from the processes, saves time and cuts costs.

Further benefits of our control technology include the easy, central data management and the auto-reload function for axis replacement.

MOVI-C® = Total automation from a single source

  • Provided by an automation specialist
  • From planning, to startup and operation, to diagnostics and service
  • From software and controllers to inverters and drive technology

Your benefits

  • Save time and cut costs

    due to less programming work and more freedom in parameterization
  • Reduce complexity

    using the prefabricated and standardized software modules for various applications
  • Control up to 32 interpolating axes

    because even challenging motion profiles can be parameterized quickly and easily


  • The performance classes of the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER units are planned according to the number of connected MOVI-C® inverters for synchronous axes and auxiliary axes
  • Facilitates the startup of systems with multiple drives: synchronized operating modes, applicative drive groups
  • Referencing, limit switch processing, error processing and error response, easy and centralized data management
  • Can be connected beneath any common control system
  • Powerful and user friendly
  • Auto-reload function for axis replacement
  • Startup: MOVIRUN® software platform: modules that can be parameterized or programmed
  • Operation: MOVIKIT® modular software system with function blocks for easy speed control, positioning, robotics, electronic cams, mechanically coupled axes and much more
  • PROFIsafe routing to the axis modules
  • 1 × ETHERNET (10/100 BaseT) for engineering or TCP/IP and UDP via IEC 61131-3
  • EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS master
  • Third-party devices with EtherCAT® interfaces can be easily connected to the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER units

Technical data

MOVI-C® CONTROLLER power performance class

Control of 32/32 axes

  • PROFINET–slave, Ethernet/IPTM–slave, Modbus TCP/IP–slave
  • 7 × USB 2.0
  • 2 GB CFast memory card
  • ≤ 32 interpolating axes
  • ≤ 32 auxiliary axes
  • Second operating system, Windows Embedded 7, can be optionally connected via modern Hypervisor technology, e.g. for integrated visualization
  • PC based

MOVI-C® CONTROLLER power eco performance class

Control of 16/16 axes

  • PROFINET–slave, Ethernet/IPTM–slave, Modbus TCP/IP–slave
  • 2 GB CFast memory card
  • ≤ 16 interpolating axes
  • ≤ 16 auxiliary axes
  • PC based

Accessories and options for the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER

Startup with the MOVIRUN® software platform

MOVIRUN® flexible – The open and flexible platform:

  • Automation with MOVI-C® and third-party components
  • Interpolated operating modes for complex motion control applications
  • Modern programming system (IEC 61131)
  • Prefabricated software modules from the MOVIKIT® modular software system can be integrated into the user program

MOVIRUN® smart – The intelligent, purely parameterizable motion control platform

  • Parameterization instead of programming
  • Prefabricated software modules from the MOVIKIT® modular software system can be easily connected to higher-level controllers via the defined fieldbus interface
  • No additional programming work required
  • Guaranteed, documented functional performance

Operation with the MOVIKIT® modular software system

For simple drive functions all the way to complex motion control functions

  • Graphical configuration and diagnostics
  • Available for MOVIDRIVE® technology, MOVIRUN® smart as a purely parameterizable solution with a fieldbus connection, and MOVIRUN® flexible for integration into the IEC program with a user-friendly IEC interface


  • MOVIKIT® Velocity, Positioning
  • MOVIKIT® MultiMotion, MultiMotion Camming
  • MOVIKIT® MultiAxesController
  • MOVIKIT® Robotics
  • And many more


Both software product ranges, for startup and for operation, feature a wide range of powerful functions and an intuitive user interface. And they let the user choose between parameterization and programming.

Your benefits of parameter setting instead of programming:

  • Startup shortened by using standardized software modules
  • Only parameters required for the application need to be entered
  • Guided parameter setting instead of complex programming
  • No lengthy induction, thus fast project planning and startup

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gingerbread packaging machine

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More informations:

Automated packaging with MOVI-C®

Typical application multipack assembling machine and top loader

The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.
MOVI-C®: A comprehensive modular automation system

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The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.

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Lebkuchenproduktion mit dem modularem Automatisierungsbaukasten MOVI-C®
Lebkuchenproduktion mit MOVI-C®

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Lebkuchenproduktion mit dem modularem Automatisierungsbaukasten MOVI-C®

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