Think Globally, Act Locally is the basic foundation of Korea Plant

SEW-EURODRIVE, a reliable partner of the Korean industry, will continue to provide innovative products and solutions and strive to become a model company for global companies that have successfully localized with talented individuals.

Always near you, anywhere in the Korea

Location in Korea
Network for top-notch advice and fast support

What makes SEW-EURODRIVE special to customers?

Whenever you ask this question, the answer is usually the same: what our customers really appreciate is having a direct line to their contact in our Sales. This way, customers can enjoy quick access to our expert technical advice – not to mention the support they need to find the optimum solution to their requirements.

Our sales and service staff are also ready to help you at our six other Sales office(SO) in Seoul, Ansan, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju and Busan. From our two Assembly factories in Ansan and Busan, we send out spare parts and goods to customers all around location.

There is no such thing as long distance at SEW-EURODRIVE. wherever they are in South Korea, our customers will always find one of our 6 Sales Offices within easy reach. It is important for us to contact the sales office directly or by email and above all else.